The XiangQi Engine Project
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This is where you will find the formal cxboard definition as well as the example implementation when it is ready. Also listed here are compliant interfaces and engines.

The current protocol can be read online (split, one page) or downloaded in HTML or XML DocBook.  I promise no future changes that will be incompatable with previous versions; these latest charges where warrented I believe and we will all be happier that I made them now before too many programs started using the CXBoard protocol.

As of the current definition of the protocol, there are no compliant engines or interfaces.  The xiangqi engine tsito-0.8.4 uses an obsolete protocol definition. The new engine, tsito 2, will be compliant and if warrented the old tsito code will be updated to adhere.

The "cxboard" interface hosted on sourceforge is a third party program that is only compliant with the old protocol and I have no idea if the authors intend to update it; in fact, as far as I can tell the manager of that code base intends to go their own way using the cxboard name, and since they are paying developers to do the work I can't keep up as I am doing this on volunteer basis.  I really hate to see this type of behavior in the Open Source world but wtf is there to do about it...

Please look here to the official cxboard when it is released.  I could probably use some help from developers in this area.

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